Dual Writer 1.0.3 Now Available for Download

Dual Writer 1.0.3 is now available for download from the Dual Writer download page.

A new dictation command has been added to Dual Writer so that you can easily add quotation marks and parenthesis around words and sentences in your documents. Just say “Select the sentence”, and then say “Quote that.” Quotation marks will be added around the selected text. You can also say “Paren that” and “Bracket that” to add parenthesis and brackets.

Dual Writer 1.0.3 also includes some minor bug fixes, including a check to verify the Windows Operating System language settings. Dual Writer’s word processing features can be used in most languages, but the dictation feature requires that Speech Recognition be set to US English. See the blog post on adding US English to your system for more details.



Adding and Setting US English in your Windows Operating System

Dual Writer currently supports only Microsoft Windows and US English for its speech recognition features. To use dictation and voice recognition in Dual Writer, your system language must be set to US English.

Adding and Installing the US English Language Pack

If your Windows system does not have US English installed, you can add the US English Language Pack. Once installed, you can then configure your system to US English and use dictation with Dual Writer.

Follow these links to download and install the US English Language Pack.

Now that you have installed the language pack, change the setting in the Speech Properties window in the Control Panel to US English whenever you want to use Dual Writer.

Setting the Control Panel for US English

Before launching Dual Writer, make sure that the Language is set to US English in the Speech Properties window in the Control Panel. Just follow these steps.

  • Click the Start button
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Ease of Access
  • Click Speech Recognition
  • Click Advanced Speech Options

At the top of the window, you can see the Language setting. Select English US and click OK.

Windows Speech Properties window in the Control Panel
Dual Writer will now work on your system.