Video Tutorials

Dual Writer Video Tutorials

Setting up Windows Speech Recognition for Dual Writer
View this tutorial first to learn how to set up speech on your computer.

Getting Started with Dictation using Dual Writer
Learn the basic speech commands and get tips for best results.

Navigating through Documents using Voice Commands in Dual Writer
Learn to move the cursor through your documents just by speaking.

Making Corrections in Dual Writer Using Voice Commands
Learn the many ways you can correct dictation mistakes in Dual Writer.

Editing and Formatting Text using Voice Commands in Dual Writer
See how to select, edit and format text without the mouse and keyboard.

Dual Writer Dictation Controls
A tour through the dictation controls and Windows system settings.

Preventing Noises from Being Entered as Words in Dual Writer
Stop room noises and random sounds from being entered in your documents.

Transcription with Dual Writer 2.0
Transcription using dictation and voice commands in Dual Writer 2.0.




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