Setting up Windows Speech Recognition for Dual Writer

This video tutorial shows you how to set up Windows System Speech Recognition so you can use dictation to enter text and perform word processing commands by voice in Dual Writer.

The tutorial guides you through the four steps that are required to complete the setup.

  1. Start Speech Recognition
  2. Set up your microphone
  3. Take the Speech Tutorial
  4. Train your computer to better understand you

Transcript of the video

This is the first in a series of tutorials on Dual Writer. Dual Writer is a full featured word processor for Windows that incorporates speech technology, so you can use the keyboard the mouse and a microphone to enter text into your documents.

Dual Writer runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. However, speech technology was not added to Windows until Windows Vista, so Windows XP does not support speech, although it does support all the other features of Dual Writer.

Before you can begin using dictation, you first have to set it up. Launch Dual Writer, click the Dictation Tab, and at the far left of the dictation controls in the ribbon bar you’ll see System Settings. Just click that to get started and open the Speech Window.

At the top of the Speech Window is the first link, Start Speech Recognition. Click this to turn on speech recognition.

The next step is to set up your microphone. Just click the link and you’re given a number of different microphones to choose from. You can use any microphone with Dual Writer, but a headset microphone will give you both your hands free so you can type and use the mouse. It is also recommended that you use a USB microphone. It will give you a lot better quality. USB is really the best choice for speech recognition.

Click Next and you will be taken to a prompt so that you can say a few words and set up the microphone, like this: “Peter dictates to his computer. He prefers it to typing and particularly prefers it to pen and paper. Click the Next button and a microphone setup. Now once you’ve done that you’re ready to take the Speech Tutorial.

The Windows Operating System has a very deep tutorial that takes about 10 or 15 minutes to take and gives you all the basics about how to use speech recognition. You can use it to turn on different programs. You can open windows, close windows, launch programs, and you can use it in any windows application that supports speech. The total tutorial time is about 10 to 15 minutes.

When you finish this tutorial the final step is to train the computer to better understand you. When you click this link it takes you to the voice training. This will take you about another five are 10 minutes to go through and read all of the example text. Just click Next and the first screen appears.  Just read out what it says: “I am now speaking to my computer.” When you’re done with all of the voice training you’re ready to go and begin using Dual Writer.

There is one last thing in the Speech Recognition window and that’s the Speech Reference Card. This gives you all of the speech commands are built into Windows and can be used with various applications. Here’s the dictation commands list. All of these commands can be used with Dual Writer. Dual Writer uses the same format as other Windows programs and also gives you additional commands you can use. You can refer to this, or you can refer to Dual Writer’s own speech recognition information. Now we are finished with setting up the microphone, taking the tutorial, training the computer, and are now ready to go. So in Dual Writer all you have to do now is click the Dictation Button and now you can begin speaking. That’s all you have to do to set up Dual Writer.

The first tutorial is now completed. Thank you.



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